WW2 Honour Roll

In our beautiful Upper Lansdowne Memorial Hall is a WW2 Honour Roll. On this board is listed 70 names. These men and women left the Upper Lansdowne to fight overseas in WW2.

Of the 70 names listed, five men lost their lives. They were:

Lance Corporate Leonard Mondrook Bartlett

Private Eric Fleming

Private Harold George Christensen

Private Bruce Lindsay McLaughlin

Flight Sergeant Stanley Andrew Unger

The seventy names listed are:

Atkins, Alister Rex

Atkins, Dallas Wilfred

Atkins, Douglas John

Atkins, Eric Lionel

Atkins, Gilbert

Atkins, P R

Atkins, Peter James

Atkins, Raymond Arthur

Atkins, Thomas Robert

Barr, G

Bartlett, Alec Eugene

Bartlett, Leonard Mondrook †

Bartlett, Vincent James

Bennett, Eric Winston

Bridge, Bruce Alfred

Bridge, Ernest Edward

Bridge, Ulric Bowen,

Christensen, Harold George †

Cicolini, John,

Cicolini, Raymond

Clune, John Joseph

Diamond, F

Dodds, J A

Drury, Raymond Robert Edward

Edwards, William Oliver

Fleming, Eric †

Fleming, Joy WAAF

Fleming, Rosalie, AWAS

Fuller, Allen Squire

Fuller, Donald George

McDonell, John Bede

McDowall, H T

McKay, Ray Evan

McLaughlin, Bruce Lindsay †

McLaughlin, James Hector

McLaughlin, Lawrence Arnold

McLaughlin, Milton Morris

McLaughlin, Robert Noel

McLaughlin, Thomas Eric

Minett, Arthur Howard

Minett, Gilbert Leslie

Minett, Leslie Bruce

Minett, Lionel Claude

Minett, Noel Wilfred

Minett, Percy Oliver

Minett, Reginald John

Minett, Victor Claude

Mooney, James Percy

Payne, Bernard Howell

Payne, Bernie Michael

Payne, Dallas Alexander E

Phillips, Kenneth Stephen

Potts, Walter

Ritchie, Eric John

Ritchie, Ray W

Ritchie, Victor James

Schubert, Harold Victor

Schubert, Leonard Arthur

Schubert, Valerie Mavis AWAS

Shiels, Earle Sylvester

Shiels, Edna Mary WAAF

Shiels, John Eric

Shiels, Royden Edward

Shiels, Walter Francis

Unger, Edna Patricia WAAF

Unger, James Frederick

Unger, Leslie Augustus

Unger, Stanley Andrew †

Whatson, John Raymond

Whatson, Kenneth

The Northern Champion reported that on Thursday 26 December 1940 a gathering of approximately 600 people attended at the Upper Lansdowne Hall to farewell 8 soldiers of the district who had enlisted in the fighting forces. They were Corporal Ray Drury, RAAF, Aircraftsman (ACI) Bob McLaughlin, Private Jim Unger, Private Gilbert Atkins, Private Bruce McLaughlin, Private Les Minett, Private Harold Christensen and Private Will Riley.

Again on the evening of the 5 May 1941 the Manning River Times reported another large gathering at the Upper Lansdowne Hall to farewell Private Ernest Bridge, Private W Bridge, Private John Ritchie, Private Eric Fleming, Private Percy Mooney, Private Jack Clune and Private E Unger.

The Northern Champion reported another gathering at Upper Lansdowne Hall on 9 September 1941 to farewell Aircraftsman Eric Bennett who was the 21st young man from our district to join the fighting forces.

A number of other men from our district were part of the Volunteer Defence Corp on the home front. They were:

Bennett, Elwin Colin

Drury, Ronald Stanley

Mills, James Joseph

Payne, John Alexander

Potts, Leonard Maurice

Schubert, Clifford Carl

Schubert, Jasper

Stace, Stanley George

Unger, Samuel Joseph

Whatson, Frederick

The Northern Champion reported that on 24 November 1946 a ceremony was held in the Upper Lansdowne Memorial Hall where more than 200 residents witnessed the unveiling of an Honour Roll and the photographs of four of our boys who paid the supreme sacrifice while on active services.

If anyone has further information or photos relating to any of the soldiers listed on our WW2 Honour Roll, we would appreciate it if you could contact us.