Contractual and Venue Details

The Hall is located at 1412 Upper Lansdowne Rd, Upper Lansdowne 2430.

  • The venue is a traditional country hall that is run by volunteers and is a community facility
  • It is not licensed and has a different modus operandi to a commercial, licensed venue
  • There is no security or police presence
  • We aim to keep things simple and do not sign contracts. The engagement process is that we confirm via email that we:
    1. Pay the artists 70% of takings after any expenses are deducted
    2. Provide food and accommodation. Our aim is to treat the artists as we would visiting friends
    3. The other terms, conditions and facilities are as described on this website
  • All functions are done by volunteers: catering, PA, lighting, door, MC
  • Some artists bring their own soundtech and/or PA equipment
  • The venue is not climate controlled
  • Artists may rest in the ‘green room’ behind the stage before and after their show, or interact with the patrons – their choice
  • Artists usually set up a merch desk at the entrance to the hall
  • Copyright remains with the artist
  • The hall carries appropriate public liability insurance

Artist Payment Process: We are bound to follow ATO rules, so immediately after the show we will reconcile the takings and expenses and calculate your 70% share from that. Then either:

  • You provide us with a tax invoice with an ABN and we pay your 70% into your bank account.
  • You don’t provide an invoice or an ABN and we pay you in cash less 47% witholding, which is remitted to the ATO.