BushFire Preparation and Permits

We are coming into fire season so now is an excellent time to get prepared by clearing gutters, and all the usual tiding up around the house. Some tips in this brochure.

The RFS has a useful Bush Fire Risk Assessment Tool which is worth completing if you intend to stay and defend, but also has some good tips for minimising the bushfire risk of your house.

If you are concerned about bush fire hazards on your property, or the property adjacent to you, you can put it on record with the RFS here. But feel free to contact Al below.

You need to have a permit to burn off during fire season (usually September to March). Regardless of the permit, you need to advise the RFS and your neighbours of your intention to burn at least 24 hours in advance.  The easiest way to inform the RFS is using their online form.

To contact the Local RFS or if you have questions about assistance please contact Alastair Breingan on 6556 9226 / 0409 712 659 or through the contact form below.