Concert Promotion

We have a mailing list of several hundred people and tickets can be purchased via the hall website. As soon as a concert is agreed, we create a booking page with the artist’s  bio and pictures. This information is usually harvested from the artist’s own website.

Include Upper Lansdowne  In Your Concert Promotion

  • As soon as we have agreed a date, please add us to the concert schedule on your website and social media
  • Link/post to our Facebook site

Marketing and Promotion Activities

  • We email details of concerts to our list
  • We promote via our Facebook site
  • We place posters around the area and distribute flyers where we think they’ll reach the target audience demographic
  • We talk to as many people as we can in the local music network

Radio Promotion

We work with 2Bob, a local radio station to promote concerts. We encourage artists to send CDs to 2Bob a few weeks beforehand and to do a phone interview with 2Bob 1-2 weeks before a concert. If you have the time on the day of the concert, we recommend a live interview with 2Bob around 12:30.

2Bob Radio Contact details

To arrange an interview contact Indi Wood Program Manager 0422 385 839 indiwood (at) 02 6552 6200  Admin:

You can email mp3s to:

Manning Media Co-operative Ltd.
Corner Wynter & Macquarie Streets, Taree
P.O.Box 400 Taree 2430 N.S.W