Bushfire Information

The Black Summer fires were not kind to Upper Lansdowne, and there are still people in the valley recovering from their effects. This page tries to link to information useful to them and those planning for the next fire season.

The local Lansdowne RFS brigade will visit the area on Sunday 9th August to keep up to date and especially to check in on some of the areas they had trouble accessing last summer, so they can hopefully do better next time. They are also happy to drop in to anyone who would like bushfire related advice, or just for a chat.

There are many assistance programs and grants still running for those affected, with many quite recent. The  Midcoast Council has put together a comprehensive list here.

A common concern has been the closure of Koppin Yarratt road, leaving many in the valley with only one way out, especially as it is the only floor to ridge-line road or track in the north end of the valley and it needed to be opened up to stop the Rumba Dump fire spreading to the West. You can register your concern with Midcoast council here.

If you are concerned about bush fire hazards on your property, or the property adjacent to you, you can put it on record with the RFS here. But feel free to contact Al below.

To contact the Local RFS or if you have questions about assistance please contact Alastair Breingan on 6556 9226 / 0409 712 659 or through the contact form below.