Outside Concert Bad/Wet Weather Plan

We originally moved concerts outside onto the grass to comply with social distancing and venue audience size limits. Fortuitously it turned out that our audience enjoys outdoor shows and we could host larger numbers of people in greater comfort. (Although as summer 20/21 progressed it turned out to be hopelessly wet, so we ended up back inside).

We now run outside shows by putting the artists on the verandah and the audience on the grass IF the weather is right and audience numbers justify the bigger set up effort.

Audience Size Restrictions

  • These are as variable as the weather
  • Notionally we have a 150-ish indoor limit, but if health restrictions are in place that can vary between 37 and 107.
  • Whatever it is we’ll do our best to shuffle things around, but worst case if you can’t get in we’ll refund your ticket(s)

Bad Weather Plan

  • Here are the plans for dealing with that. * * In all cases, keep an eye on the ticketing page(s) and/or our Facebook site for updates. * *

Ticket Allocation

The simple scenario is where we have less than 150 people coming (the notional inside limit). In that case the inside show goes ahead at the original time.

If there are more than 150 coming and the artists agree, we’ll run two shows inside. Otherwise we’ll refund everyone who bought their tickets after the first 150 or so.

  • The first 150 will get tickets to the inside show at (close to) the original time i.e. The start time may shift a bit depending on logistics.
  • The second 150 get tickets to the second inside show at the shifted time from the original show

Plan A – Iffy Weather

  • E.g. where the forecast says rain, but offers hope that it might pass us by, or only be light and tolerable
  • We’ll hold off until the last practical time, typically the morning of the show before deciding on the plan
  • This is what we did for The Swamp Stompers in Oct 2020, who ended up playing on the grass despite a dodgy forecast the day before

Plan B – Bad Weather

When the forecast is for bad/wet weather, the decision to go to the wet weather plan per below will be made:

  • 2-3 days before the concert if the weather is bad and forecast to stay bad (e.g. on Wednesday for a Saturday concert) and all ticket holders will be advised by email. We’ll also post notices on the ticketing page and Facebook