History – Anniversary Ball

Newspaper Clipping from the Manning River Times and Advocate dated 18 August 1926



The above function took place on Aug 6, followed by a juvenile ball on 7th. Many attractive fancy dress costumes were worn on each night, the large hall being fully taxed to accommodate the crowd who attended. Under the brilliant electric light the many colored fancy costumes presented a gorgeous spectacle. Upper Lansdowne does not suffer from lack of musicians, who are ever ready to give their services to help any function in aid of the hall. On this occasion the music was rendered by Mesdames O Atkins, M Doyle, Misses B Unger, A and J Payne, Messrs S Currie, D Payne and Underwood.

The prize-winners were:- Best couple, Mr and Mrs J Hanington (Mexican and Indian Squaw); best comic, “Mum and Dad” (Messrs H Haliday and R Bird); waltzing contest, Mr V White and Miss R Schubert.

At the juvenile ball the winners were: Best couple, Master Clayton McKay and Miss L McKay (woodland elf and fairy), 1st; Master M McLaughlin and Miss L Hanington (pierrot and pierette), 2nd; Best girl’s costume, Miss Jean Fennings (evening star); best boy’s costume, Master T Atkins (brown moth).

The judges of the adult costumes were Misses Pauline and Queenie McDonald and Mr Frank Hogan.

The waltzing contest was judged by Mr and Mrs Underwood.

Mesdames A Unger, C Potts, J Avery, A Minett and Mr J Avery acted as judges for the juvenile costumes. The grand march on each night was an object of great interest and presented a magnificent display of the beautiful and artistic costumes. A substantial repast was served on the supper tables, which were profusely decorated with many varieties of blooms. Perhaps the most beautiful feature was the fine collection of sweet peas donated by Mr W Atkins. Mesdames M J Cicolini, W McLaughlin, A Minett, J Hanington and S McKay were active workers in the tasteful arrangement and decoration of the tables. Many visitors were present from surrounding parts and evidently enjoyed themselves.

The total receipts for the two nights were over £34.

Messrs A J Minett and H R Cicolini ably performed the task of MCs which on this occasion required ability and exacting and unremitting attention.

The committee desire to thank all who assisted in any way. The large number who attended in fancy dress are deserving of approbation for sparing neither trouble nor expense in adding so much to the success, brilliance and gaiety of the function.