Players’ Next Season

The players are now based in Taree and are called the MidCoast Community Theatre

Contact information is as follows:


Facebook: MidCoast Community Theatre 


About Us:

We are a brand new Performing Arts group that started here in Taree back in May. That’s right, MAY of 2022. And what a journey it has been so far! But most importantly we are loving every minute of it! Our core team has over 40 years of experience in a variety of performance disciplines including acting, singing, ballet, ballroom, circus and, of course, tap dancing. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, developing peoples unique skills and growing our beautiful region’s reputation in the Arts. 

But wait, it gets better… Our inaugural production is just around the corner! We have been working hard to bring Lane Riosley’s A Commedia Christmas Carol to life in our new performance space at 75 Muldoon Street, Taree. This show has it all; comedy, drama, singing, dancing, and even a few ghosts… Tickets are already on sale for our 10 show run from the 26th of November to the 11th of December. We picked this play for several reasons:

1. Who doesn’t love the Charles Dickens classic at this time of year?

2. Commedia del’Arte is one of the preeminent forms of comedic theatre and more people should know about it! 

3. It a rollicking good time for people of all ages!