Wild Thyme – Saturday 17th June 7pm

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Wild and upbeat, tender and soulful, their unique and virtuosic instrumental expertise, outstanding improvisation skills and sweet vocal harmonies mesmerise audiences.

With influences from the cutting edge of bluegrass, to the toe tapping swing and jazz gigs of a bygone era, the spellbinding dance music of European folk traditions, a healthy scoop of contemporary pop sensibility, and the artistic confidence to explore creative freedom in innovative ways , these three women bring it all back home with an infectious joy of music, a pinch of sass, lots of laughter and a rare and disarming authenticity.

With a healthy respect for tradition, Wild Thyme also have one foot firmly planted in the contemporary world and the original compositions they are crafting are gaining acclaim.

Coming from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, the juxtaposition of Katie Crane, guitar, Arlene Fletcher, double bass and Laura Targett, fiddle, infuses their varied musical passions into an exciting brew of acoustic music which defies genre, cultivating a whole new style of their own, whilst paying homage to their diverse backgrounds and individual musicianship.

  • Well, what a show! Each member is a virtuoso on her instrument and the vocal harmonies are melodic and tuneful. Their humility underpinning their superb talent is a formidable combination. Keith Potger, The Seekers
  • ‘This exceptional music group of highly skilled women is one of the most exciting new acts to  hit Australia with a trajectory that knows no bounds both nationally and internationally. Their  honest songwriting that comes from deep and rich life experience is executed with virtuosic instrumental playing and engaging live performance. Wild Thyme has developed a  reputation for dynamic shows and organically interacting with live audiences so that fans  are fully immersed in the experience.  While they clearly have roots deep in traditional genres from contemporary bluegrass, jazz,  Balkan and Celtic music, they defy genre and have developed their own style.” David Horsley  Director – Screenwave International Film Festival 

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  • There will be tasty homemade snacks, tea, coffee and cake available for purchase
  • Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks, incl. alcohol