Hall Xmas Party + Free Fundraiser Concert Sat Dec 11th from 2:30PM


We’re trying to end the year on a high with a relaxing event that combines the traditional Hall Xmas party with a fundraising concert for Jay Davis & Family

The event has free entry, but please donate what you can. All funds go to Jay. The musicians are donating their time and the Hall is also making a donation.

Important Update:

With the latest Government rule change vax passports, or exemptions are now needed to get in. See details below.

The Musicians:

There will be a roster of local musicians. So far we have:

    • 3-4PM Three Goodfellas featuring Matty Zarb
    • 4:15-5PM Southern Hold
    • 5:15-6:15PM Nana Klumpp
    • 6:30-7:30PM Meester Steenky
    • 7:45-8:30PM Moot


Key Points:

  • To avoid any COVID restrictions from being inside, we’ll be outside rain or shine
  • The bands will be on the verandah and attendees on the grass
  • BYO picnic, drinks, chairs etc
  • The hall won’t be catering apart from a few sausages for kids
  • Said kids can charge around where they want per usual
  • You might say I just want to enjoy the Xmas Party and I’m not interested in the music. That’s fine. Just sit on the grass at the back of the hall and you won’t see or hear much
  • The event is free, but ticketed to be COVID compliant, so you have to ‘purchase’ tickets.
  • You have the option to participate in the fundraising by making a donation when you get your tickets
  • If you can’t come, but still want to make a donation you can do that on the ticketing page
  • All funds raised will go to local musician Jay Davis and his family, who are well known in the community. Jay has had a horrendous run of bad luck (see story below), so we’re trying to help him and his family out
  • The musicians are donating their services for free

Wet Weather Arrangements:

  • This event will go ahead even if it’s raining – bring your wet weather gear if it looks iffy
  • If there’s a continuous deluge, we’ll probably give up and go home
  • In the event of being rained off we may try and reschedule, but with all the bands involved it’s going to be too difficult to recreate the same lineup
  • So be aware your donation does not guarantee you a concert

Jay’s Story:

Jay was well known and active within the community.  Recently he had a mild stroke and it was found that this was a side effect of his body’s reaction to a rare form of cancer. His heart was also irreparably damaged and as a result it was assessed that he required a heart transplant to survive.

On the day of his transfer to Sydney his mother died and whilst he was receiving his new heart his first child was born. Three days after that he had a massive stroke which has left him paralysed. He still has to fight the cancer, and if he survives he will have a considerable medical bill, and they also need money to keep his new family going.

For someone who was so well known and active within the community, this has been a massive blow. Needless to say the community is rallying around his wife Danielle and their new baby daughter, and we’d like to help too.

3rd Nov Update – Vax Passports:

It’s been a very strange year. Since Jeff Lang appeared in June we’ve had to cancel umpteen events at the hall due to COVID restrictions.

Now the Government has changed its plans again and Freedom day for everyone is probably going to be Dec 15th or 95%.

We’re going to push ahead anyway after the effort of organising everything, but that means almost certainly only the double vaxxed can attend.

Yep we just love being vax Gestapo, makes our jackbooted day, but dems da rules.

Important Note:

The Hall has iffy phone reception and only Telstra works. That means app-based vaccine passports/check ins that need a signal are not going to work if you’re on other networks.


We don’t want to be vaccine police, but we have no choice


Don’t drive 30+kms to the hall if you don’t have a vax pass. You won’t get in, you’ll get pissed off and we won’t enjoy the situation either.


The Humanitix ticketing system can issue self-service refunds if you want one.

Reminder about Tickets:

Reminder about Tickets:

  • DO NOT book them on this page – they aren’t valid

Reminder about Tickets:

  • DO NOT book them on this page – they aren’t valid

Earlybird Discounts: We offer specials for most concerts if you book and pay more than 4 weeks out, or until the designated number of tickets has been sold, whichever comes first.


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